1. Introduction

BRAVA is strongly committed to protecting your Personal Data and complying with the requirements of Law No. 13.709/18 (General Data Protection Law – LGPD). This privacy policy describes how and why we collect and use your Personal Data and how you can exercise your rights as a data subject.

When we use the expressions “you” or “your”, we are referring to you, the holder of Personal Data, as provided in item 3 hereto.

Any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person, directly or indirectly, is considered Personal Data.

  1. Purpose

At BRAVA Executive Search LTDA (“BRAVA”), we want to maintain a relationship of trust and transparency with all our clients and users of our services. This includes protecting the personal shared with us.

As a result, we have created this Privacy Notice (“Notice”) to help you understand what personal information is collected, why we process it, whether we share it, and with whom, depending on your relationship with us.

  1. Target Audience

This privacy policy is intended for the following data subjects:

(i) clients and/or potential clients;

(ii) visitors;

(iii) third parties in general;

(iv) candidates for jobs;

(v) former partners and former employees;

(vi) employees’ dependents; and

(vii) service providers and suppliers.

  1. What personal data shall be processed?

With respect to your privacy, we understand that any and all processing of personal data must be limited to the minimum necessary, relevant, proportionate and not excessive to allow the achievement of the intended purpose. Therefore, the personal data we collect about you shall vary depending on the relationship you choose to establish with us, directly or indirectly, that is, client, partner, supplier, among others.

Below, we present the main personal data processed by BRAVA:

  • Main identification information that helps us contact you: as your name, CPF [Individual Taxpayer Register Number], I.D. (RG), telephone, email, address, profession, among others with particular relevance;
  • Attributes associated with your electronic devices: as access provider, IP address, operating system, browser (type, version, enabled options and installed plug-ins), video settings (size/resolution and amount of colors), date and time access and pages viewed through cookies;
  1. How personal data is collected?

While using our website, we may collect your personal data in the following ways:

  • Data provided by you. We collect personal data when you provide them, for example, voluntarily entering them when using the website when requesting us via Contact Us or when filling out the form for sending the Resume, or when you contact us through our telephone. If you physically visit our office, personal data for your access to the premises may also be requested.

We trust that you shall always provide us with true and up-to-date information; therefore, we are not responsible if the personal data you provide us is false or is wrong or out of date.

  • Information obtained from your navigation through the website. We may also collect information through the use of cookies (and similar technologies, s web beacons and JavaScript features) to obtain information about your access to the website, enhance the security of your activities on the website, target or display advertisements that we believe may be of your interest, and make your experience better and more customized. All, of course, in strict compliance with the law and respecting your privacy;
  1. Why do we use personal data?
  • Recruitment and selection process: To make this service possible, we shall process the data of those interested in the positions offered, who register on our website and send their resume. In addition, we shall be able to get in touch with professionals who we believe have a profile that adheres to what we are looking for, through a search on social networks, websites, our own database, indications and market mapping. We may process the data to analyze the candidate’s curriculum and compatibility with the profile sought, to create profiles, make contact with the candidate possible, schedule interviews and other phases of the selection process and other actions, as the case may be, to allow the conducting this process;
  • Improve our services. Even when we think everything is fine with the website and your experience, there is always something we need to fix or improve. Your personal data shall help us:
    • To identify and correct any faults located on the website, based on its use;
    • To carry out statistical studies, surveys and surveys related to your use of the website and the services we provide — all in an anonymous and safe fashion;
  • Disclosure and publicity. Based on our legitimate interest, we may also process your personal data to enable communication and marketing activities, improvements to our products and services and relationships with our clients and partners, always observing the limits of your expectations and never to the detriment of your fundamental interests, rights or freedoms.
  • Comply with our legal duties and protect our rights in legal proceedings. We also retain your personal data to comply with the laws applicable to our activities, including to cooperate with authorities when required.
  1. What are your rights over your personal data?

The law provides you the following rights:

  • confirmation that your data is processed and, if so, access to them;
  • correction or updating of data that is incomplete, inaccurate or out of date;
  • anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary or excessive data;
  • information about the entities with whom we share your data;
  • information about the possibility of not providing your consent for certain processing operations, and the consequences of this refusal;
  • revocation of consent and deletion of data processed on the basis thereof; and
  • portability of your personal data, which still depends on regulation by the National Data Protection Authority.

You can contact us for detailed information or exercise these rights whenever you want.

  1. With whom do we share personal data?

So that we can provide even better services, during the course of their execution, we can associate with some commercial partners, with greater expertise in certain activities and that help us in the best provision of our services. Therefore, we rely on the help of these partners, with whom we share/obtain the least amount of personal data necessary for the purpose that motivated us to share them, always observing a safe way for this to happen and based on contractual instruments. Your personal data shall only be shared with:

  • the Company that developed the website, and provides services to BRAVA to ensure, among other factors, that it continues to function properly for you;
  • companies providing goods and services, which shall use personal data for specific purposes, such as fraud prevention, marketing, risk analysis, infrastructure and information technology; and
  • public authorities to protect our interests in court or out of court, and also, if we receive a court order or request from a competent authority determining the sharing of personal data.
  1. How long shall personal data be stored?

Our rule is to delete personal data as soon as we achieve the purposes for which it was collected. In some cases, we shall need to keep this data for longer periods, even after achieving the original purposes, as provided for in applicable law or to guarantee our rights. We are committed to keeping them only for as long as necessary and disposing of them safely and efficiently when they are no longer needed.

  1. Cookies

We use cookies to allow your proper identification, in addition to improving the quality of information offered on our website. Cookie is a small file added to your device or computer to provide you with a personalized login experience. Cookies help analyze internet traffic and let us know when you have visited a specific website.

  1. Can this Notice be updated?

This Privacy Notice may be updated from time to time, particularly if any major aspect of our Services changes